Molina Upholstery Decor 

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Sale of quality fabrics, leathers and vinyls

We can assist you in choosing the perfect material for your furniture by looking through our extended range of samples

Molina Upholstery Decor works with a range of different fabrics, leathers and vinyls suppliers to cater to all needs, below are our main fabric and leather suppliers. 

Zepel Fabrics

One of our major suppliers, Zepel Fabrics caters for all taste. Large range of indoor and outdoor coverings. Specialist in high quality velvets.

Warwick Fabrics

Warwick fabrics is one of Australia's biggest supplier to the furnishings industry, providing an extensive range or fabrics, vinyls and leathers. 

NSW Leather

A large range of the most premium bovine leather, NSW Leather has been a premium trusted supplier. Their large range of styles and colours is amazing.

Leather Italia

A supplier with the best leather Italy has to offer. Great range of colours and finishes, with quality to match.
Another trusted brand


A trusted brand for over 50 years. Supplier of premium quality fabrics, vinyls and leathers, Also offering a large range of discontinued fabrics at very affordable prices.


Modern company that is a real competition to the best. Renowned for their innovation in design, comfort and durability. Focusing on keeping to the most updated safety standards. 

Charles Parsons

Offers durable fabrics that are in line with the latest global trends to offer fabrics that match a variety of different tastes. 

Internal Materials and Upholstery Accessories

We believe that all upholstered furniture should be as good inside as it looks outside and so we only use the highest quality warrantable materials to put your comfort first


Premier Group

Our number one supplier of all internal and external, materials used. Quality and reliability at the forefront of their service. Provider of most of our tools.

Warwick Hardware

Warwick has a large range of accessories to offer a detailed, comfortable and fine look to your furniture. You can always count on their quality.

Castle Trimmings

Gimp, piping,fringes etc, Castle Trimmings has the lot. They offer a variety of mono and multi colored trimmings in unique styles to give that extra touch to your furniture.